Why does Ajoy Healthcare Hospice Exist?


  • We exist to enhance the lives of our clients and their families through thoughtful care and peace of mind. 


  • We do this by providing boutique style care to our clients.


  • What we mean by this statement is that we find that as clients decline family members start to lose focus and get very set on the   time, they have left with their loved one not to mention they have so many decisions to make and so much loop closing to do during the process.
  • Therefore, our interdisciplinary team brings peace by being consistent in the message we deliver, being reliable and holding true to the commitments of pain control, and by ensuring that the client is comfortable
  • We make it a point to consistently arrive on time for scheduled appointments.


  • Give our clients and their families the highest level of service by building relationships of trust early on.


  • We match our clients and our care givers not based on logistics alone, but on personality, and what clients come to us primarily understanding. We enjoy connecting, empathizing, and sharing information with the families we serve.


What we do best!


  • Our Team is inclined to make excellent community connections.
  • We are inclined to over communicate our mission, vison, and values.
  • We purposely ask for feedback as it relates to the level of service we provide. As we strive to provide the highest quality of hospice care possible.
  • Ajoy Healthcare value the opportunity to make personable connections with the families we serve. We remain connected to those we serve even after the transition process has occurred for the client.


Waiting too long to use hospice care can make suffering at end-of-life worse


When I hear the word In-Home caregiver I immediately think of compassion, care, trust, patience, love and dedication. Often times caregivers are underappreciated for the work they do, the peace of mind they bring, and the dedication they consistently show. Caregivers are often not paid, not appreciated, and hardly ever relieved to take time for themselves. Nevertheless,

Ajoy Healthcare Hospice wants to influence the level of adoration given to in home caregivers. These caregivers are not on staff at Ajoy Healthcare Hospice. However, they are the dedicated wives, husbands, moms, dads, sons, daughters, friends, and neighbors of those in need of a little extra care. Ajoy Healthcare Hospice thanks you for all you do. We thank you for allowing us to share the compassion you show to those you care about most. Ajoy Healthcare Hospice is here to connect with and serve you. We want to encourage you as caregivers to remember to take small breaks. We want to remind you to refresh your heart, mind, and thought processes by taking deep breaths.

As a caregiver myself I find that taking part in the things I enjoy most keeps me energized and connected to my purpose of providing care and comfort. We AT AjoyHealthcare Hospice want you to know that we are here for you. We are here cheering you on and looking for new ways to support your efforts. As a caregiver it is important that you see your doctor and follow his or her instructions as it relates to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Be sure to take some time to relax, relate and release.  Caregiving is rewarding and can be very fulfilling if you remember to care for yourself along the way. Caregivers are an integral part of helping others get better.

We as caregivers also play a very important role in helping others see the good in not so pleasant situations. If you are not a In-Home Caregivers to someone in need you should consider becoming one today. Ask us how?