Who takes care of hospice patients? 

Our hospice care team consists of an interdisciplinary team of professionals. Which includes board certified Medical Doctors, who we refer to as Medical Directors. Moreover, our team collectively includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses. We also have Licensed Master’s Level Social Workers, Highly Qualified Chaplains, Certified Nurse Assistants and Connecting Volunteers. Each of these individuals become available to patients and their families. They are available the moment the patient is admitted under the hospice care umbrella. Once a patient has been admitted or deemed eligible to receive hospice care they can expect to be supported by everyone on the hospice interdisciplinary care team. Because we connect with our patients and their families individually there is always an option to decline some of our services. For example, if you have a spiritual advisor (Chaplain), you do not have to use ours. We leave those decisions totally to the patient and family discretion.

Medical Directors 

This interdisciplinary care team is clinically led by our Medical Directors who are actively engaged in the care plans our nurses propose from start to finish. Our medical directors are very connected to the care plan of each patient and determines in the beginning if a patient qualifies for the care we provide.  They also write prescriptions to treat the symptoms and pain of patients. 

Our Nurses

Our nurses are hands on care givers in the sense that they gather especially important healthcare information by way of completing head to toe assessments during every in-home visit. During the hands-on care giving process our nurses provide advice and feedback to the patient and family regarding the progression of symptoms and pain treatment. Licensed Practical Nurses work side by side of our registered nurses providing real time information from their assessments and or conversations with patients and their families. 

Our Social Workers

Our Licensed Masters Level Social Workers are the connecting link to community resources. Social workers are instrumental in coordinating care, completing psychosocial assessments, providing counseling, and psychotherapy. This is all while intervening in client crisis situations. They education to patients and families regarding available resources and additional support systems.

Our Chaplains

We have highly trained chaplains help prepare patients and their families spiritually for the transition process. Our chaplains remain in close contact with families. This provides support to them in their process of grieving. Not only are our chaplains available to our patient families, but prior to the transition process but our chaplains remain in close contact with our families. This aids during and after the transition process has occurred.  

Our Certified Nurse Assistants

The Certified Nurse Assistants provide personal care for clients who need assistance with bathing, teeth brushing, getting dressed, hair washing, and light housework.   

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