What can you do for those terminally ill loved ones who express that they are just waiting to transition?

In situations like this one there is not a whole lot you can do. Of course, hearing such news can be heartbreaking. Nevertheless, remaining steadfast, encouraging, and honest with your loved one will be key to ensuring that you continue to be a trusted connection for him or her. I’m sure, you are probably wondering how do you encourage someone who has lost hope? Well thanks and we are glad you asked that question.

First, remember being encouraging to someone is an action word. A few of the things you can do to encourage someone in this state of mind would be to allow them to feel how they feel without challenging their thought process. You can share spiritual lessons learned as well as spiritual/inspirational quotes with your loved one. Remember to keep pictures of the good times around. Doing so will allow room for your loved one to glean that all times have not been bad. Besides, memories are precious right… Therefore, create and allow room for you and your loved one to travel down memory lane.

One of the most creative ways to do this is through music and focused conversations on the good old days. Think about it, when you hear one of your favorite songs what happens to you? I know for me I feel liberated. I get out of the moment and I tend to go into either the memory or the place in time when that song stood out to me most. With this for me comes emotionally driven smiles, and a sense of peace whether it’s short lived or not. Incorporating such opportunities can really brighten his or her day. Try it and see!

Be sure that as you continue to encourage your terminally ill loved one that there is someone pouring into and encouraging you. It is a fact that your mental health and wellbeing is key to you being able to encourage someone else.  

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