Hospice Care VS Hospital Care

What’s the difference between In Home Hospice Care and hospice care in an inpatient unit?

First, all hospice service lines mirror one another. Despite this fact, there is a difference between In Home Hospice and In Patient unit Hospice.

We at Affinity Healthcare provide In Home Hospice. With our In Home Hospice Care you receive the support of our complete interdisciplinary care team. Our Team can bring the care needed to the home/ door steep of our clients. We manage our clients medical needs related to their hospice admitting diagnosis. We manage our clients pain, psychosocial needs, emotional, and physical needs at a level that is comfortable for the patient.

In Home Hospice care and can be provided from the moment you hear the painful words that there is no longer anything we can do to make this condition better or slow down it’s progression. When this is the case our In Home Hospice team answers the call for action bringing to the home all items and equipment needed to bring you comfort and peace of mind. This gives families an opportunity to get back to some sense of normalcy. Moreover, the care we provide allows our families the opportunity to regain focus and place their focus even more on loving and supporting one another. Most major insurance companies cover In Home Hospice.

Hospice Care VS Hospital Care

Inpatient unit hospice care is hospice care that is provided in an inpatient unit setting. In Georgia there are a few facilities around that present the opportunity for clients to receive support for uncontrollable bouts of pain and agitation. However,please note there is criteria that one must meet in order to qualify for inpatient hospice care in the state of Georgia.

Our team finds that most families prefer In Home Hospice care rather than inpatient hospice care.