Hospice care is a very intimate level of care. It intel’s the connecting aspect of comfort and the control of one’s pain. Hospice care is the type of care that creates levels of support for caring and connected family members. Many people believe that hospice should be initiated when a patient is actively dying or is about to take his or her last breath.







Nevertheless, hospice care is much more than that. Hospice can remain in place anywhere from six months to a year depending on the needs of the patient. In some instances, hospice patients get better and hospice services are no longer needed. Of course, holding the hand of someone who has a terminal illness is important to us. But that is not all we do. Hospice care should be recognized as an extra layer of support for terminally ill patients and their families.











We Are Here When You Need Us Most











Our Hospice in Alpharetta Georgia creates an intimate setting for patients in the comfort of where they live. This team is dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive customized care that fit their needs. For example, our hospice team makes it a priority to get to know the patient, while gaining an understanding of his or her lifestyle and desires during the process of providing care for the patient. Understanding who our patients are and what they enjoyed prior to becoming terminally ill creates opportunity for us to develop very customized care plans and or make suggestions to the family.











Our customized patient/family centric care plans create an extra sense of normalcy and security for our patients. At Ajoy Healthcare we believe that our clients always remain in control of their lives throughout the process of receiving hospice care. Hospice care in our words is a community of trust simply because of the universal hospice philosophy itself. You may be asking what is the hospice philosophy? Well, we are glad you asked; the hospice philosophy accepts death as the final stage of life: it affirms life but does not try to speed up or slow down the process of death and dying.











Hospice care in Alpharetta Georgia is focused on treating the person and the symptoms of disease without trying to treat the disease itself. Hospice care focuses on creating the highest quality of life for whatever time is left.